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Home Improvement

9 Quick and Easy Ways to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Make your house standout with these easy and affordable tips.

Looking to spice things up? Maybe you are looking to have your house ready to sell or are you looking to bring some fresh ideas to the exterior your home?

Here are 9 easy things to improve around your home’s exterior, no matter if you are selling your home, or just looking to make some property updates.

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Add Easy Curb Appeal to  Your Home


Although homes in the high Rockies that include Breckenridge, Vail and Aspen represent an ever-growing real estate market, the weather through the seasons in Summit, Eagle and Pitkin Counties quickly result in a need for basic home maintenance. Items around your home may be expensive to update, such as windows and paint, and require a lot of time and inconvenience. Fortunately, there are some really easy tasks around the house that will quickly and cheaply elevate your curb appeal. With less than $75, you can boost your home’s beauty.

If you are ready to add some spark to your home, getting ready to list the home and looking to get top dollar, here are some easy tasks may not be as difficult to handle or as expensive as you may think. With some elbow grease, a trip to the hardware store, before you know it you can increase your home’s appearance.

Whether you are considering selling or looking for curb asppeal, a few hours and $75 can make huge changes on the exterior of your home.

I. Hire a pro to help mow the lawn

Whether you are listing or looking to clean up the lot, hiring a local professional to maintain your lawn can greatly improve the look of the property. You will want to have the professional lawn service clean edges, make neat, straight lines, and blow grass off any hard surfaces.

II. Trim the hedges and shrubs

Most hedges seem to have a mind of their own and can get out of control. You can quickly trim the hedges which will can leave your property looking beautiful. This task does not require much time to perform, and a little trimming will easily clean up your home’s appearance.

III. Paint your front door

Paint is cheap and doors are small! By painting your front door, you can add some color and make your house look neat and well-kept. Front doors will instantly draw the attention of potential homeowners,’

IV. Pressure washing the exterior

Not only is it rewarding, clearing the exterior of mold, grime, and dust that has been accumulating on your home it can make a dramatic change. With just a few hours and a pressure washer rental you will make huge improvements and transform areas around your home.

V. Add lights up the landscaping/walkway

Take advantage of the sun we get here in the Summit, Eagle and Pitkin Counties. Solar LED lighting is affordable, and any property instantly looks more desirable. Use lights around the front steps, walkways and any plants, flowers, landscape design, or interesting hardscapes.

VI. New house numbers

Update the old house address numbers can easily spruce up the outside. R3place the old numbers, add some fresh colors and different sizes and shapes. Best yet they are to install.

VII. Hide outside storage and A/C units:

Hiding storage bins, A/C units, etc. can easily be done by planting shrubs and bushes around the items. A few evergreens will easily hide the unit while adding more landscaping and curb appeal.

VIII. Add mulch

Mulching around the trees on your property is great for curb appeal, but very helpful for the health of your trees. Mulch can provide insulation from the soil, retain water, and prevent erosion.

IX. Paint electric boxes

By painting electrical boxes on the sides of your home it’s easy to camouflage those unattractive boxes and wires. If possible, use the same color your house is painted. Just a little paint which will make these items disappear in less than an hour to cover up.

By undertaking some quick and easy tasks around the house, you can immediately improve the exterior look of your home with affordable curb appeal improvements.

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